About X-Kit Achieve Mobile

X-kit Achieve Mobile forms part of the X-kit Achieve series, a series developed by Pearson that includes a range of Study Guides and Exam Practice Books for Grades 8 to 12, available in a wide range of subjects. Written by expert teachers, they include step-by-step explanations, worked examples and plenty of exam practice to ensure learners are exam-ready.

X-kit Achieve Mobile is our new product in this series to help learners prepare for tests and exams anywhere, anytime, on their cellphones, tablets or laptops.

How does X-kit Achieve Mobile work?

X-kit Achieve Mobile is designed to help learners acquire subject knowledge and skills in an interactive and engaging way, while on the go.

Learners register for free and can unlock a free topic of their choice. They can practice all the quizzes in that topic. Thereafter, at a cost of R5 per topic, deducted from airtime, learners unlock other topics containing several levels of quizzes and essential theory.

How does X-kit Achieve help learners master skills?

All quiz questions include helpful hints and worked solutions and are structured according to cognitive levels as per CAPS.

To achieve mastery status in a topic, a learner needs to pass through a Basic Level, an Apply Level and a Master Level. Learners can only progress to the next level if they have achieved 80% or more, ensuring they have mastered the skills needed in each level before continuing.

There are a number of exciting design features to encourage learning. Learners can select a personal avatar, earn badges for completed quizzes, climb the leaderboard, compete against their friends and post their success on Facebook and Twitter.

Be exam-ready with X-kit Achieve!

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